About Us

Through the internet, In order to satisfy our customer's needs, We always create and provide new business models through the internet that not only value the merchandise but also add additional value for the sellers and buyers.


The luxury goods and unused luxury goods that come up daily.
We at Mojax

D : Mono Value Discovery (Discovering the Value of Merchandises)
M : Mono Value Make (Creating the Value of Merchandises)
A : Mono Value +Added Value (Merchandise + other added value will be provided)
P : Mono Value & People Connections (Connect people through Merchandises)

Continuously create new business models through the internet.
And by following this DMAP Cycle, our company deals in the recycling business & the development of the flow of Recycling.

A never-seen-before satisfactory customer service, swift responses and innovative ideas. All possible through the internet.
We do not just provide the exchange between the goods, value and money.
We believe that putting ourselves in the customers' shoes and providing satisfactory value is our duty.

We consider our number one priority to making our customers' lives more fulfilling through the services we provide.
In addition We aim to create new business models where both the buyer and seller can be satisfied.

We will continuously strive to implement ideas to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

We thank you for your continued support.

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